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Keizerslaan 11
1000 Bruxelles
0800 30 700
Modifié le  08.02.2022


Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training. The VDAB is the employment service of Flanders.

The VDAB gets everyone moving! They help all citizens to develop an interesting career and do so with the conviction that they are 'strong to work together'. The employees of the VDAB, together with their partners, are there for every talent, for every citizen and for every employer. 

In order to realise their dream, they have set themselves the following mission with three central ambitions:
  1. Every talent at work, through personalised and co-creative matching, digitally and on the shop floor.
  2. A perspective on every talent for every employer.
  3. A career perspective and career ownership for every citizen.

The VDAB wants to contribute in the most effective way possible to increasing the employment rate and activating non-professionals in the Flemish labour market.

They want to support everyone who has, gives or seeks work. That is why they focus on three points.
  • As a manager and connector, inspire and cooperate proactively and connect with a qualitative ecosystem to achieve goals together. 
  • As a data manager, be a trusted advisor by unlocking new insights that help citizens and employers make more informed and sustainable choices. 
  • As an excellent service provider, focus on tasks such as assessment, referral, matching, identifying and tracking pathways, and learning from the results. 
More information can be found at https://www.vdab.be/vdab/algemeen.shtml.