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Wal project

Autonomia works daily to update and develop:

  • Daily news, allowing people with disabilities to follow the evolution of the movement and act as informed citizens.
  • The search for information, which is answered by the search engine and the large and constantly growing number of pages on the site, indexed by theme with numerous links to other sites related to the topic.
  • A diary specialising in meetings, conferences, training courses, leisure activities, trips, etc., which not only informs disabled people about what is on offer, but also enables promoters of activities open to or accessible to disabled people to publicise their activities.
  • The "classified ads" section offers the opportunity to sell or find a second-hand technical aid, to offer or find an assistance service, an adapted holiday accommodation, etc.
  • The "job offers" (inserted in "classified ads"), which offer employers the opportunity to express their interest in hiring a disabled person by addressing a directly targeted audience; for disabled persons, they offer the opportunity to make themselves known and to demonstrate their skills to these employers.
It should also be highlighted that:

  • The site is the site of people with disabilities sharing their common experiences.
  • The site is a working tool for those who want to be active: it contains legal texts, describes examples of good practice, gives details of standards, provides free reference guides, submits petitions.
  • The site is interactive: users can discuss and share their experiences, they can send articles to be published on the site, report activities to complete the agenda, e-mail their ideas, opinions or evaluations, etc.
  • The information provided is neutral, with the sole aim of enabling everyone to find the information that suits them objectively.
Modifié le  04.02.2022