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Project presentation

Read more about the origins and details of Webipairs.

Disability is often wrongly seen as a personal problem. That is why we set up the WebiPairs project, webinars to give people with disabilities the opportunity to meet each other. WebiPairs aims to give people with disabilities the keys to integration. The aim is to enable people with disabilities to build a common heritage based on their own experiences. It aims to create a place for exchange where everyone can freely reveal their fears and victories. It is also a reminder that everyone can play an active role in making the world a more inclusive place. These meetings are meant to be a starting point for a more inclusive society.
Our project consists of :

  • Webinars for people with disabilities
  • Meeting places where people can listen and speak out
  • Collective self-help
  • Identification of difficulties related to disability
  • Articles/reports on difficulties and examples of good practice
  • Videos of the webinars to raise awareness but also to help and inspire people who could not participate
  • Awareness campaign
Modifié le  04.02.2022